Revolutionizing the way you manage documents

Momofin builds an ecosystem to support you in transforming your business process to be swifter, smarter, and simpler.

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Time to shift to digital style

Experience convenience with simple and secure digital stamps. eMET has special e-Stamp characteristics, containing elements of security issued by Indonesian government. We are the first e-Meterai Affixing App in Indonesia.

One platform for all things documents

Join thousands of businesses in improving your business process to be more efficient. Be hassle-free and take it online.


Get everything on-demand with ease

No more delay and complications. We do the hard stuff for you so you and your team no longer needs to stress over inconveniences.

It’s easy, fully integrated and worry free. Sync your tools with our Business API

Be at your personal best by connecting your company’s own applications to your Momofin business account.z

No more complicated integration

Seamless and easy integration with low code requirment to ensure smooth sync with your current tools.

Connect to ERP

Cut the hassle. Integrate and automatically streamline your documents with any ERP.


Integrate with ease with low level coding.


Connect with any digital credential solution and unleash the full potential of your document automation system.

Drawing out your best potential with the best team

We never settle for average and continuously explore and refine what’s best for you and your business.

Trusted by many from boundless companies and industries.
Trusted by many from boundless companies and industries.
Focused on transforming your working process.

Momofin pushes the boundaries of innovations by meeting business needs for various cases and industries

Our impacts transverse the limits of industries and cases. Regardless of who you are, Momofin provides you with the best suit for your business needs.

Our Clients

trusted by 100++ of various industry players and more

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Why momofin

Digital infrastructure for documents management and business process

No longer separate tools, but interconnected ecosystem. Momofin bridges the gap between business, people and potential for the most optimum workflow.

Experience the ease of affixing an integrated electronic signature and seal in one application.