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Time to shift to digital style!

Experience convenience with simple and secure digital stamps. eMET has special e-Stamp characteristics containing elements of security issued by Indonesian government.
We are the first e-Meterai Affixing App in Indonesia.

Digital Product are provided by

eMET is Trusted and Recognized by PERURI.

Validate your legal documents with eMET. Through eMET, you can obtain legally binding stamps that is officially trusted and recognized by the Republic of Indonesia Money Printing Corporation (PERURI).

What is e-Meterai?

e-Meterai is a digital stamp that serves as tax and offers legal safety issued by the government of Indonesia.

Using electronic seal (e-Meterai) and shifting from paperback legal documents to digital ones is supported by Law no.11 of 2008 (UU ITE) Article 5 paragraph (1) which states that “Electronic documents are legal evidence.”

Safe & Guaranteed

The eMet application uses a layered authentication system to ensure that the party affixing the e-Meterai and e-Signature is carried out by the right party and cannot be represented by another person.

Legal & Trusted

The electronic seal and electronic signature products in the eMet application are provided by PERURI. So that all securities and digital documents that are affixed to it are legally valid and undeniable.

Designed for ease of use and safety.

3 Steps to Append
e-Stamp & e-Signature

Upload your Document

Use your mobile device to upload the documents that is to be appended with e-Meterai and e-Signature to the eMet application in .PDF format.

Specify the Parties

Add the parties involved via the Contacts feature.

Process Document

Specify where you want to place the e-Meterai on the document. Then easily send requests to other parties for signature.


Optimize your company’s effieciency with Digital Seal & Signature.

From daily correspondence to paperwork, eMet changes the way you sign, stamp, and manage documents within your company. Designed with various Enterprise-class features to make all your business matters easier.

eMET: Features with our all-in-one digital seal application