Momofin for Shipping

Quicker movement through digitalisation

The shift from paper to digitalization, from analog to digital, offers several benefits for shipping and logistics

It makes it easier to save and share papers like the bill of lading or the cargo control document on an electronic platform, making them accessible to all involved parties.

Digitising your process

While many businesses and products demand fast product distribution, the registration process for new shipments is time-consuming. Instead of standing in line at the supply terminal to install and confirm transactional agreement, companies can now fill out and sign their paperwork whenever they want, from any location, on any device.

Shipping procedure approval

Utilize Momofin's legally binding digital product to collect the sea waybill agreement for any shipping operation or import and export arrangement. The ability to utilize each document digitally for future reference eliminates the need to print or scan each one.

Make billing faster

Businesses may quickly sign all of their lading and seaway bills online rather than physically, which is a time-consuming process. The procedure can be sped up, mistakes can be reduced, and payments can be made more quickly.

Ease your Certificate of Origin

Due to its broad selling and shipping, a firm that operates at a rapid speed needs a lot of certificates of origin. Momofin can assist you with digitising your documents and signing them electronically so that you may speed up your contract and increase partner flexibility.

Simplify your document creation process

Redlining and in-line comments on Momofin help you cut down on needless back and forth while discussing shipping paperwork. It won't get lost in email inboxes thanks to Momofin's automated alerts that let a recipient know when it's time to examine and sign a document.