Momofin for Legal

Increase compliance, expedite contract review, and simplify paperwork

Speed up the contracting procedure

With personalised contract, digitised functionality, and integrated software for document reviews and legalisation to speed contracts and negotiation, Momofin makes generating, updating, evaluating, and approving contracts faster and simpler.

Increase compliance

Momofin's system make it simple for the sales, marketing, and administrative team members to stay in compliance. To make sure that all papers are completely compliant, upload documents to be used in bids, presentations, and contracts.

Legally binding eSignatures, eStamp and eMaterai

By utilising Momofin products, you may modernise your business without forgetting legal compliance. Using any computer or mobile device, our tools enable your personnel and external receivers to electronically sign papers. Each signature is accompanied by an audit trail and certificate that are both automatically created, ensuring the legitimacy of the signer and the signature.

Secure documents and data

With one of the most advanced cloud document systems in the world, supported by cloud systems, we safeguard your private files and user data. To maintain accessibility and security, Momofin user data is totally encrypted, routinely backed up, and stored in a secure environment.

Easy to learn system

Momofin is made to shorten the time needed for training and deployment. Most attorneys and paralegals may start writing and transmitting documents within minutes of their initial login since we have more than twenty ready-to-use integrations that can be set up in just a few minutes.

See why Momofin is the ideal for legal match by giving us a try now.