Momofin for Retail and Supply Chain

Increase business speed and effectivity with digitised software

Faster process with momofin

The Momofin system is well-integrated allowing you to automate documents and workflows and shorten document turnaround times. Reduced paperwork saves you time and money, while electronic signatures hasten contract execution.

Digitise your signature

Mobile and cloud-based digital signatures that are compatible with the Cloud Signature System are provided by Momofin software. Sertiva and Momofin eSign collaborate to interact with people as their fundamental solution. By granting digital certificates to end users, these systems give their digital identities.

Improve your contracts

Assuring real-time cooperation with alerts, signature requests, and approvals will keep internal and external stakeholders informed.

Process simplification is provided by eMaterai and eSignature through streamlined processes and simple data collection

Synchronise your current technology stack

Integrate your tools and system with Momofin. You teams will be able to make, send, eSign, and process documents more quickly.

Keep your agreement safe and compliant

We place high importance on our security. To secure the legitimacy and optimization of the data, papers, and activities, Momofin is collaborating with Peruri and Kominfo to ensure your documents stay secure.

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