Momofin for Manufacturing

Integrate a consistent document process into sales, operations, and marketing

Implement a centralised, frictionless engine

Make sure every team in your organisation adheres to the same procedure created to optimise earnings.

Your process will be made simpler by streamlined processes, simple-to-collect eSignatures, eStamp, and eMaterai

Ensure that each team is operating as one

With Momofin digitised products, manufacturing companies that struggle to persuade everyone to follow the same procedure may standardise.

Streamline your distribution process

Alerts notify recipients when it's time to review and sign, document won't get lost in email inboxes.

Secure documents protect sensitive information

Peruri and Kominfo standards are met by Momofin. Single Sign-On (SSO) is supported by servers housed on the PSe system, which streamlines data protection and management.