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Last updated: July 6, 2022

PT Mitra Era Teknologi (“Momofin” or “We”) highly respects matters relating to the protection of your privacy. Therefore, we compiled this Privacy Policy to explain to you how we obtain, collect, process, analyze, use, store, display, publish, transmit, disseminate, delete, and destroy your Personal Data that is provided to us or collected by us. We are good at accessing the website, registering, and using services or products on the Momofin Platform (“Platform”), unless set out in a separate privacy policy. You declare that your Personal Data is true and valid data, and you give consent to us to obtain, collect, process, analyze, store, display, publish, transmit, disseminate, delete and destroy in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the laws and regulations. valid invitation. We hope you read this Privacy Policy carefully to ensure that you understand how our data is being processed. By using the Momofin Platform, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to all the provisions contained in this Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the Momofin Terms and Conditions. Please click the following link to access the Momofin Terms and Conditions.

“Personal Data ” is any data, information, and/or information in any form that can identify you, which from time to time you convey to us or that you include or convey in, on, and/or through the Platform regarding your personal information, which includes, among others: your full name, identity card number, date of birth, gender, electronic mail (e-mail) address, mobile phone number (including but not limited to: IP address, location information, your device data, IMEI number, the name of the application that has been attached to your device), data relating to information regarding your transaction activities on the Momofin Platform, and other data classified as personal data.

We need your Personal Data, one of which is to be able to process transactions made on the Principal system, and Our Affiliates. Therefore, the Personal Data that you provide to us must be as accurate as possible and not misleading. You must update and notify us of any changes to your Personal Data. You hereby release us from any claims, lawsuits, damages, and/or claims in connection with the failure of processing electronic document transactions on the PERURI system caused by the inaccuracy of the Personal Data that you provide to us.

We will process, analyze, and/or use your Personal Data for the following purposes or other purposes permitted by applicable laws and regulations:

  1. Identify and register you as a user of the Momofin Platform and verify, deactivate or manage your account, including carrying out the Know Your Customer process;
  2. Forward information to the Principal in the form of personal data information for the purpose of making and issuing Electronic Certificates, if you purchase and use Principal’s Digital Security Products on our Platform;
  3. Enable us to provide the services you have requested or process the transactions you have requested;
  4. Process and manage your balance (remaining quota) and payment transactions;
  5. Prevent, detect, investigate and address the occurrence of actions that are criminal, prohibited, illegal, illegal or fraudulent, which may occur in the use of the Momofin Platform (including but not limited to fraud, embezzlement, theft and money laundering);
  6. Conducting research on user demographic data and usage behavior of the Momofin Platform;
  7. Develop, improve, and provide Our services, the Momofin Platform, and features on the Momofin Platform;
  8. Sending information that we think is useful to you, including information about our services after you give us your consent that you don’t mind being contacted about our services;
  9. Internal administrative purposes, such as; audits, data analysis, database records;
  10. Communicate with you in connection with all matters regarding the Momofin Platform, Our services, and/or features thereof; and
  11. Maintain the safety, security, and continuity of the Momofin Platform, Our services, and/or features thereof.

For the purpose of developing, improving, protecting, or maintaining the Momofin Platform, and/or our other services, we are sometimes required to display, publish, transmit, and/or disseminate Personal Data to third parties. You hereby declare that you have given your consent, permission, and authority to us to publish, transmit, and/or disseminate and provide access to Personal Data to third parties for the purposes as referred to in the paragraph “USE OF PERSONAL DATA” above. For the avoidance of doubt, the third parties referred to in this paragraph may be, including but not limited to:

  1. third parties who are our affiliated companies for or in connection with purposes related to the provision of the Momofin Platform, business management and other activities; and
  2. third parties who are a government authority or institution if (i) required or ordered by applicable laws and regulations (including but not limited to responding to questions related to regulations, investigations or guidelines,or complying with archiving and reporting requirements or conditions based on laws and regulations applicable) and/or (ii) there is a legal process related to Us;
  3. third parties if involving in a company transaction, such as: the formation of a joint venture, sale of a subsidiary or division, merger, consolidation, takeover, sale of assets, or liquidation;
  4. other third parties (including agents, vendors, suppliers, contractors, partners and other parties who provide services to us or you, perform tasks on behalf of us or those with whom we enter into commercial cooperation) for/or in connection with the purposes for which such third parties are involved or the purpose of our cooperation with the third party (depending on the circumstances), which may include allowing the third party to introduce or offer products or services to you or carry out other activities including marketing, research, analysis, and product development of the third party (depending on the circumstances).


  1. We ensure that your data collected and/or collected by us will be stored securely in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia. We will retain your data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Policy;
  2. We will stop storing, deleting and/or destroying Personal Data as soon as it is deemed that the purpose for collecting Personal Data is no longer required and permitted by the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia;
  3. Your Personal Data may be stored, transferred or processed by third party service providers. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that such third parties protect Personal Data commensurate with our commitments under this Privacy Policy.

Upon request, you can apply to change and delete your Personal Data as a user that is stored on Momofin. Changes, additions, or updates and deletions of such personal information and data can be made by giving notice to Momofin through Momofin’s contact. Momofin has the right to verify changes, additions, or updates and deletions of such personal information and data according to Momofin’s procedures.
Momofin has the right to refuse your request to change, add, or update and delete your Personal Data for reasons justified under applicable laws and regulations.

This Privacy Policy is governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

Momofin may at any time change, update, and/or add part or all of the provisions in this Privacy Policy, in accordance with our business going forward, and/or changes to laws and regulations. If this Privacy Policy is changed/updated/added, we will notify you through a notification sent through the Momofin Platform and/or the site, and/or to your email address. By continuing to communicate with us, using the Momofin Platform and our services, or using the features on the Momofin Platform, it means that you accept your acceptance of changes, updates, and/or additions that we make to this Privacy Policy. If you continue to use the Momofin Platform after reading this Privacy Policy (including its amendments), you are deemed to have agreed to this Privacy Policy (including any amendments) and can continue to use the Momofin Platform.